at wildflower media, we want to help you show your personality to the world.

who we are

we are a design company focusing on website design, visual media development, and social media strategy & consultation. we want to work with you to create the ideal media solution for your band, business, or non-profit organization. we are passionate about making sure your image reflects who you really are, and will guarantee a perfect fit for you.

we are proud of our rural roots, and are based in southern manitoba. we know that rural living and rural based businesses have unique perspective, advantages, and challenges when it comes to building and maintaining your online presence.

what we do

we will work with you to create an online home that is comfortable and particularly suited for your needs. whether you want an online store, a landing page, a blog, or anything in between, we can help you find your place on the internet. we also offer social media services to help you expand and reach new people.

hi, i'm kat.

i love building websites. it’s an awesome feeling to see something go from a generic template to something that’s truly representative of a brand or project’s culture, beliefs, and ideas. there’s a lot that you can say with good design, and as the head of all of our projects here at wildflower, i want to make sure you love what you’re putting out into the world. your brand is your identity, and i work really hard to make sure the identity you portray is something you’re proud of.